A. Bruce Johnson & Associates

As Property Leaders, we sell the property we take on… We don’t just list it.


A. Bruce Johnson & Associates is a full service real estate brokerage, founded in 1983.

We focus on Farms & Ranches, Commercial & Industrial Property, and Water Rights. These types of real estate transactions differ quite a bit from others, requiring experience in estimating value, navigating their unique due diligence activities, and insuring that all legal aspects are transferred at closing.

We have assisted hundreds of clients with over $100 Million worth of successful real estate transactions since our founding. We bring this experience and creativity to each and every one of our clients.

At A. Bruce Johnson & Associates, we promise to work with you in a professional manner and treat you with respect. We’ll facilitate the transaction, allowing you to focus on your business. Most importantly, we will look at all the value-characteristics your property has, determine a fair price, and identify your competition.

Contact us for a free no obligation discussion. We think you’ll be impressed.