I have a farm or inheritated real estate to sell, but am uncomfortable with other types of investment property – What should I do?

How do I evaluate something I haven’t dealt with before?

It can be quite a challenge. An experienced realtor, who is also an active investor in real estate, can help you analyze the facts about a property, assist in identifying risks, and work with you to build approaches to address those risks.

Many realtors are just that: realtors. They don’t think like an investor who is investing their own hard earned money. If a realtor isn’t investing their own money in the market, they have a harder time asking the right questions of the seller and making sure a listing has what an investor needs to make a decision.

At A. Bruce Johnson & Associated, we are active investors of real estate and we can help you through the process of investing in a new real estate venture.

How can I find something when I am not certain of what I want?

Through a few consultations and reviewing of opportunities, we have found that buyers tend to focus on types of real estate that interest them. After our joint consultations to help us understand your interests and needs, we will pull together some opportunities using the multiple list subscriptions we subscribe to.

Who can help me watch out for my interests?

An experienced realtor is your best choice. We have personally bought and sold nearly every type of real estate there is (farm, ranch, water rights, mineral rights, commercial real estate, vacation properties, etc), and we have supported hundreds of clients in these activities.