Should I sell my farm to my neighbor?

If you do, make sure you have a plan on what you are going to do before and after the sale. More importantly, know where you’re going with your money before you get to the closing tables. At A. Bruce Johnson & Associates, we can help with this. It takes longer then you might think, and you don’t want to find yourself ill prepared for a deadline.

Something else to consider is your neighbor’s neighbor who might not know that you’re thinking about selling. Don’t limit your opportunities!

Some people think they don’t need a realtor if they sell to a neighbor. We adamantly disagree.

An experienced realtor helps you identify the true value of your property, find another buyer if your plans with your neighbor fall through, and locate additional buyers who may offer you more money or better terms.

At A. Bruce Johnson & Associates, we’re looking out for your interests, and not the interests of your neighbors. And we’ll keep looking out for you during the sale and when you’re re-investing by identifying and researching replacement properties, and navigating the 1031 Exchange process.