Farm & Ranch Brokerage

     For over 30 years we have specializing in Farms, Ranches, and Water. We differentiate ourselves by:


  • History. We have been part of agriculture in Northern Colorado for four generations
  • Experience. We are farmers. We have bought and sold every type of agriculture ground knows to Northern Colorado
  • Knowledge. We have financed farms, ranches, and feedlots. We have bought and sold farms, ranches, and feedlots. We have transacted over $100 million in agricultural real estate in Northern Colorado
  • Principles. We focus on 3 principles when engaging with a client

These specialties allow us to provide expertise to our customers in determining value, identifying potential buyers and sellers, and navigating all the different aspects of getting these type of real estate transactions closed.

Something to consider when your neighbor approaches you about buying your property:

Every year for the last 30 years, we have learned about properties selling privately.

What we find in a majority of the cases is that the sellers missed value and didn’t get a fair price. There were other buyers in the market that needed the overlooked value and were willing to pay for that value.

The missed value was far greater than the commission paid by using an experienced real estate professional like ourselves. Not to mention the amount of time both parties took away from their business to complete the transaction.

Many properties we personally would have paid more to purchase.

     Browse Northern Colorado listings or contact us to discuss your specific needs.