A. Bruce Johnson & Associates focuses on 3 key principles when engaging with a client…


  1. Market analysis – Real Estate values and uses vary significantly due to things like physical characteristics, access, zoning, nearby highways, and market demand. These and other factors must be considered when evaluating a fair market price.
    Many real estate professionals do quick and dirty analysis. We don’t. If it’s worth buying or selling then it’s worth the time to seriously look at the property.
    This analysis allows us to not only understand what the subject property is worth but also understand what the competition brings.
  2. Honesty and integrity – Using the properties characteristics and our commitment to our clients, we together establish a market value for the subject property.We won’t slap a price on something to just get the listing from the seller nor will we assist a buyer in paying too much.
    Our experience flushes out all the peculiarities and make sure they are dealt with appropriately. We believe in putting everything out in the open and facilitate the addressing of each item to both the buyer and sellers approval.
  3. Commitment and Timeliness – It is not our intention to acquire as many listings at whatever price it takes, just so we have lots of listings.
    Our clients hire us to sell their property or help them buy property. They don’t hire us to add listings to our portfolios.
    This is why a market analysis that is done with integrity is so important. It’s important to buyers and sellers. We are committed to our clients and invest in their real estate needs.